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Year of Completion - 11/12/2008
Category - Completed Projects
Project Location - Sahnewal
Customer - Gateway Rail Freight Limited

Miscellaneous Track & Blanketing Works including supply of Track Materials at Inland Container Depot Siding at Sahnewal near Ludhiana on Firozepur  Division of Northern Railway,in the State of Panjab, India.

Year of Completion - 3/11/2006
Category - Completed Projects
Project Location - Cuttack
Customer - HCIL-ARSS JV

Supply,Fabrication and erection of steel girders for different spans of bridges [Br. No. 22 (1 x 30.5m + 6 x 92m + 5 x 76.2m), Br. No. 32 (1 x 61m), Br. No. 40A (1 x 61m + 1 x 30.5m), Br. No. 552A (1 x 30.5m), Br. No. 559 (2 x 61m)] for doubling railway line between Barang-Rajatgarh and Cuttack-Barang in the state of Orissa, India.