Steel Fabrication

Rahee has the capacity to fabricate 800 Tons of Structural Steelper month at its Kolkata plants, where single pieces of up-to 15 MT can be fabricated. Facilities with covered area of over 15,000sq.m and open fabrication yards of 30,000sq.m, with EOT cranes, are available for fabrication.

Rahee has modern fabrication facilities housing CNC Profile Cutting Machines, Welding Transformers/ Rectifiers TIG, MIG, CO2, Semi-Automatic Submerged ARC Welding machines, Electroslag Welding Machine, continuous Beam straightening machine etc.

With the state of the art facilities for fabrication and machining, Rahee is one of the leading fabricators of steel bridges in India. As part of its manufacturing competence, Rahee can carry out compete full scale layouts, control/trial assemblies and testing of various structures and components in its workshops.

Four shot-blasting rooms are available for perfect surface preparation and anti-corrosive treatment of fabricated components, including metallising with aluminium spray.

Rahee, with its in-house physical and chemical testing facilities and a dedicated Quality Control team, ensures complete customer satisfaction. Testing facilities available include Ultrasonic Testing Machine,  Radiography Equipment,  Magnetic Particle Testing Machine,  Ultrasonic Surface Finish Tester, Die-Penetrant Testing Facility,  Digital Hardness Tester,  RAM Testing Facility (1:4), Digital Height Gauge, either in-house.

Being an ISO 9001 accredited company, stringent quality systems are an integral part of Rahee’s manufacturing processes. Both, in-process and final inspections are carried out by a team of trained quality engineers. The company management practices and trusts Total Quality Management.

Facilities available include:

Bridges | Trackworks | Fastening Systems | Turnout Systems | Flash Butt Welding | Steel Sleeper