Steel Sleepers for Bridges

Steel Channel Sleeper

Steel channel sleepers are designed for use in the railway tracks running over bridges where a resilient ballast bed cannot be used.

Steel channel sleepers are fabricated from steel channel sections, wherein two channels are welded together to obtain the required strength. Both running and guard rails are accommodated on the channel sleeper. The running rails are fixed to the canted bearing plate using clip and bolt rail fastening system. However the guard rails are bolted directly on the sleepers. Rubber pads are also provided under each rail and sleeper to absorb the shocks and dampen the vibrations. Steel channel sleeper with all steel fittings are hot dip galvanized to enhance the service life of the product.


H-beam Steel Sleeper

H-beam sleepers are exclusively designed to handle the dynamic loads of trains on non-ballasted open deck steel girder bridges. The H-beam sleeper is made of single rolled H-beam section having adequate bearing area, robust structure and accurate dimensions which are more suitable for the tracks running over bridges.

Canted bearing plates are riveted on the H-beam sleeper to hold the running rails using rail elastic fastening system.  It is possible to have either zero load or full load fastening system on H-Beam Sleepers as per client requirement. Use of Zero load fastening system (ZRF) on H-beam sleepers ensures that rail creep or thermal expansion forces are not transmitted to the girders. In ZRF system elastic fastenings are used and no extra maintenance tools are involved. It is also possible to replace the rail-free liner by toe-loadable liner wherever required. H-beam sleepers facilitate provision of long welded tracks on bridges.