Glued insulated joints

Glued insulated joints are used in tracks that meet certain requirements regarding stability, good tamping and sleeper quality. It consists of glass fibre cloth insulated fishplates, a corresponding number of insulated high-tensile bolts and end post made of insulating material. 

They can be assembled in-situ or at works. It meets International standards for insulation resistance, pull load, deflection test, wet insulation test etc. Every fabricated/ assembled joint is checked for vertical and lateral alignment. Joints are subjected to insulation resistance test in dry condition. Pull out test is also carried out at works as a prototype test. The prototype test also includes insulation test in dry condition and test in wet condition.


Technical characteristics:

Types of sleepers  Wood and concrete 
Rail sections  All common rail sections 
Heat treatment of joints  Hardened or preferably made from head hardened rails 
Bonding With appropriate bonding and hardening agents 
Manufacturing locations
In the factory:
Ideal conditions regarding cleanliness, temperature and manufacturing procedure because rail ends and surface of steel parts to be bonded must be spotlessly clean. 
At site:
As per client’s instructions.