Pandrol Fastenings

Rahee Group has formed a Joint Venture with Pandrol Group UK the world leaders in elastic rail fastenings by the name Pandrol Rahee Technologies Private Limited. The company promotes Pandrol Fastenings in India.

PANDROL Limited has been in the business of elastic rail fastenings since 1937 and also introduced the PR Clip to India long back, but after the IPR was over it moved away as Indian Railways (IR) continued to use the same which continues to be known as “PANDROL”.

Rahee in its pursuit to deliver the best solutions to its customers brings to this part of the world, one of the most advanced elastic fastening systems from Pandrol for the Indian market. Pandrol Rahee Technologies Private Limited (PRT) strives to deliver the best to its customers.

PRT offers fastening system solutions for Heavy Haul, High Speed and Metro Railway Applications. For detailed information on Pandrol products and solutions in India, please visit the Pandrol Rahee detailed website by clicking on the link below