Steel Sleepers for Standard Track

Steel sleepers are used for standard railway tracks and turnouts subjected to medium or heavy axle loads. They are lightweight and dimensionally more accurate than wooden or concrete ones. Their multiple advantages, including lower cost compared to wooden sleepers, make them an effective technical solution for modern rail networks.Rahee offers a wide range of steel sleeper designs, including ones for heavier axle loads and higher speeds.


Rahee’s Steel Sleepers are manufactured in accordance to specific technical requirements of customers. The manufacturing process, employing latest CAD / CAM systems to design and optimise production, is optimally structured to reduce wear and lower forces, maintenance and life-cycle costs.

The sleepers are cut to length; the ends pressed in a forging die. Depending upon the type of fastenings specified by the client, holes are punched or base plates / shoulders are welded onto the steel sleeper.

Technical Characteristics

Rail fastening for low track load Directly by means of clips and t-bolts
Rail fastening for higher loads Base plate welded to sleeper tops and used with elastic rail clip or hook in shoulders with fast clip / elastic rail clips
Electric insulation On request by means of bolted plastic pads or insulators with rubber pads

The principle benefits of RTT’s steel sleepers are: