Steel Sleeper

Rahee manufactures steel sleepers for various track applications including:

Steel railroad sleepers are formed from pressed steel and are trough-shaped in section. The ends of the railroad sleeper are shaped to form a "spade" which increases the lateral resistance of the railroad sleeper. Steel railroad sleepers are lighter in weight than concrete and able to stack in compact bundles unlike timber. Steel railroad sleepers can be installed onto the existing ballast, unlike concrete railroad sleepers which require a full depth of new ballast. Steel sleepers are 100% recyclable and require up to 60% less ballast than concrete ties and up to 45% less than wood ties.

Modern steel railroad sleepers handle heavy loads, have a proven record of performance in signalized track, and handle adverse track conditions. Of high importance to railroad companies is the fact that steel railroad sleepers are more economical to install in new construction. Steel sleepers are utilized in nearly all sectors of the worldwide railroad systems including heavy-haul, class 1’s, regional, short lines, mining, electrified passenger lines (OHLE) and all manner of industries. These sleepers can be supplied with or without cant, with holes or with welded plates. Rahee can offer wide range of pad plates and sleeper plates to suit the sleepers together with fasteners. Steel sleepers can be made in conventional and special profiles to suit all types of rail gauges including Broad Gauge, Standard Gauge, Metre Gauge, and Narrow Gauge. Rahee can also manufacture combination gauge steel sleepers to suit two different types of gauges on the same line.

Steel sleepers are also widely used in the railway tracks running over bridges where a resilient ballast bed cannot be created. Steel Sleepers for Bridges are manufactured using either Steel Channels or H-beam steel section. The sleepers are usually supplied galvanized or metallized to deliver effective service life on bridges. Steel Sleeper over bridges are a much more robust and effective solution as compared to wooden sleepers.  

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