Rahee’s state-of-the-art facilities design and manufacture switches as per client’s requirements. 

Thickweb Switches
Thick web switches by Rahee are an ideal solution for heavy haul/ passenger traffic lines as well as for high speed lines. The asymmetrical section in these switches offer a very high lateral rigidity, increasing the life of the switch. These can be supplied for partially or fully canted turnouts.

These switches are made from specific asymmetrical tongue rail sections, forged at the end to match standard rail sections. The transition from one section to the other lies mostly in the clamped area at the end of the switch. Thus welding becomes superfluous in the flexible area.

The length of the forging can be adjusted to the specific connecting system such as welding, insulated fishplating or emergency fishplating. In order to reduce the setting forces and to influence the elastic strength of the switch, the base of the switch rail is milled in the flexible area. 



The switches are manufactured in accordance with technical terms of supply of IRS, UIC and CEN, supplemented by the specific requirements of the customers and the vast experience of Rahee. The manufacturing process, employing the latest CAD/CAM systems, is optimally structured to lower:


Head Hardening Facility

SwitchRahee’s continuous inductive hardening process hardens rails up to 370 BHN and increases rail strength from 900 kg/mm2 to a minimum of 1080 kg/mm2. . It also induces high wear resistance to the rails while improving their elongation and toughness.

RTT uses its in house head hardening process extensively while manufacturing turnouts.